Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My little darlings

Today I found out that my grandson James who is in kindergarten is receiving the best reader award for his age group in Grady county. There will be a ceremony at the Chickasha high school this month. My grandson Gerald who is in pre-k is receiving the best student award. I am so proud for my grand kids. Tonight I am keeping my grand-daughter while the boys get a special dinner for being good students. So when she is here there is no sewing instead we play make-up and wii. Yesterday we had an all day sew at the church. We had 16 members attend. I taught the stack n whack fan quilt. One of my best friends helped me with the class. All the fans turned out beautiful.

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  1. I just loved our Stack and Whack class. I wanted to learn for a couple of years now and never knew it would be as easy as it was. Thanks for teaching it to us.